Studio Zhai was founded as an architectural design studio in 2004. Over the years, the studio has evolved into a multi-disciplinary company involving works in architecture, interior, products, events, concerts, and artworks. As of 2019, the studio has worked on over 200 projects and realized over fifty structures all over Asia.
Apart from commercial works, Studio Zhai has dedicated its energies in the public interests and charitable cause, working with numerous NGOs and government agencies in Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Malaysia, fruiting dreams in ways of housing, training centres, community halls, memorials and more. The revitalization of historic Dragon Garden, The Wanchai Visual Archive, the Fashion Farm Foundation, and the So Uk scheme for The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention are among some of the works for the public at large.
The studio is particularly interested in the culture of art and design, apart from artistic installations all over the public spaces in Hong Kong and included in the Museum of Art, it has been entrusted to design the 20th anniversary concert event for Hong Kong in 2017 and the lighting ceremony for Diocesan Boy’s School’s 150th anniversary in 2018.
Our director Lee Shu-fan has taught in many universities in Hong Kong and Macau since 1999, and has been invited as critic and speaker in most major programs in the region. He has also served as guest critic in the Philippines for McGill University and in Yunnan for California College of the Arts’ architecture studios.
Studio Zhai's works have been awarded prizes in open competitions, Hong Kong Institute of Architects, American Institute of Architects, Red Dot Design Award, and more.
本着以建築設計改善社會的初衷, 札藝工作室在二OO四年於香港成立。經多年探索, 工作室逐漸發展成一家多範疇設計公司, 游走於建築、室內設計、產品設計、藝術裝置、展覽及大型活動多向性的創作。至今工作室已於亞洲各地建成五十多個項目。
除商業項目外, 工作室亦致力於為社區服務。香港以外, 團隊於中國大陸、柬埔寨、菲律賓多地參與多項地區工作, 在不同環境以設計社區會堂、學校、培訓中心及其他設施, 為當地社區帶來改變。香港龍圃大宅、灣仔視集、 FFF時裝農場及善導會甦屋計劃等等, 是工作室部分為改善社區作出努力的工作。
工作室視文化藝術為其中一個最重要的創作載體。至今已在香港不同戶外空間完成多項公共藝術裝置, 亦曾於香港藝術館展出作品。團隊亦受托為香港回歸二十周年設計戶外大型演唱會及為拔萃男書院150周年校慶創作亮燈儀式。
LEE Shu-fan. CV DirectorBA.Arch M.Arch.
LO Alex KW. BAS. M.Arch.
HADID ah D. Phd (Street Fighting)
FB Fat Boy.skinny obese
SUSIE.experienced mother
ELVIS handsome ah 3.professional model
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CHAN Bobo PY. CHAN Derek PL. CHAN Jessica. CHAN Michael WL. CHAN Rosie MW. CHAN Tin-yan. CHAN Winki WK. CHE Ann YL. CHENG James YH. CHENG Jason KH. CHEUK Ka-ho. CHEUNG Eunice HC. CHEUNG Jason CY. CHEUNG Margaret WK. CHING Wai-keung. DE LEON Angelika. FRANCISCO Hazel. GU Perry Peiran. HO China TH. HO Daniel. HO Yorkun. HUNG Chi-tai. KIRAN Carlos Rana. KOO Kenneth KY. LAM Cherry. LAM Chris KK. LAM Eri. LAM Jasmine. LAM Noel KL. LAU Tin-cheung. LAW Cyrus KL. LAW Gary WK. LEE Angel SY. LEE Sabrina. LEE Sanna. LEUNG Amy WC. LEUNG Hilary Lamlam WL. LEUNG Ricky. LI Jason SS. LOY Keith YC. MA Orchid HY. MOK Faye. MUI Ashley LY. NG Jay. NG Siu-lun. NG Stanford. OR Angus MY. POON Leshita WS. SIU Man-ho. TANG Sam. TO Tsz-lok. TSANG Milton HH. TSE Elaine. TSE Rayson. WONG Alston. WONG Bianca CL. WONG Ken KC. WONG Pak-ka. WONG Yvonne. WOO Sa. WU Jinny CY. WU Sherman. YAO Hugh. YAU Yvana LT. YING Matthew. YING Matthew YC. YIP Ka-man. YIP Wilson KK. YU Jacqueline ZQ. YUNG Stephanie. YUNG Winsy WS. 
2018 Benevolent Employers Award. The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention. 2016 Red Dot Design Award. 2015 Featured changemaker. 108 Stories of Social Innovation. Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 2011 Merit Award. American Institute of Architects Hong Kong Chapter. 2007 Institution and Public Space - Bronze Medal. API Design Awards. 2005 Finalist. Kinetic Sculptures Design Competition. Hong Kong Science Museum. 2004 Second Prize. Fighting SARS Memorial Architectural Scene Design Competition. Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Rotary Club of Kowloon West. 2004 Winner. Public Art Scheme 2003/04 Competition. Art Promotion Office. 2000 Finalist. Competition Design of Decorative Works of Art. Hong Kong Central Library.
Address 地址Studio Zhai Limited. Unit L, 4/F, Wang Kwong Industrial Building, 45 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.  札藝工作室有限公司. 香港觀塘鴻圖道四十五號宏光工業大廈四樓L室
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