selected works 選編項目


Starting from scratch, architecture requires imaginations and courage. Whether it is rising from the plain, or digging into the ground, successful operations hinge on the creative resolution of both the tangibles and the intangibles.
建築從來都需要想像力和膽量。 不論是崛地而起還是開鑿到地底,一個方案成功與否均需取決於有形的設計,以及無形的資產──由建築物反映出的哲學。
112,000smHaolin Headquarters 浩林總部
85,000smLijiang Conference Centre 麗江國際會議中心
25,000smSi-yuan Experimental School 3rd Generation第三代思源實驗學校
13,515smLeo Cultural Centre 利奧文化中心
9,545smLeo Community Hall 利奧社區會堂
8,200smHongzhu Shan Hotel No.7 紅珠山賓館七號樓
6,282smLeo Innovative Technology Centre 利奧創新科技研發中心
3,150smWell-being Campus 共融樂園
3,000smKaibigan Village 朋友村
2,925smSi-yuan High School Stadium 思源高校體育場
1,100smSi-yuan Library 思源圖書館
585smTagaytay Retreat Centre 大雅塔靜修中心
570smJinghu National Wetland Park Visitor Centre鏡湖國家濕地公園訪客中心
196smSun Angle House 入射角之屋
68smTransparent Ancestor Hall 透明祠堂


Conversions are a delicate matter, a tug-of-war. It’s not black nor white, no neither-or, but a careful manipulation of the spectrum in the old and new. How the existing carries the newly-come can only arrive when the marriage of the two is a common goal sought by all the parties involved, with determination and vision.
改建是件微妙的事情,就像是場拔河比賽。它非黑非白,難被界定分類,或許是新舊光譜之間的精心角力。 既有的存在如何帶領新來者,或新來者如何配合既有之物,皆取決於兩者之間是否擁有共同的決心及目標。
1,800sm8 Lynhurst 擺花街八號
1,140smAECOM office 艾奕康辦公室
914smFashion Farm Foundatio FFF時裝農場
657smLady Ho Tung Welfare Centre 何東夫人醫局臻睦中心
530smK-park 韓圈
520smWanchai Visual Archive 灣仔視集
510smLai Residence 黎宅
240smCapital Advance Limited Office 千鵬有限公司辦公室
220smKreta Ayer Restaurant 牛車水餐廳
92smDuplex Apartment 複式住宅
77smVerde Mar 綠海墨西哥餐廳
75smHop Yik Tai 合益泰小食
59smIdeas2go 觀塘廣告公司
47smSo Uk III 甦屋三

[ART and EVENT 藝術及活動]

35,780smLeon's Penguins in Live/Dragonland Music Festival黎明企鵝派對/龍地音樂節
11,000smLeon Random Run 黎明巡迴演唱會
2,525sm10 Day Fest/Social Innovation Festival 十日社會創新節
2,400smDiocesan Boy's School 150th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony拔萃男書院150周年校慶啟動典禮
200smWAL*L 牆*片
85smBig Cake Stuff 大餅嘢
80smMountain isn't Mountain 看山不是山
50smThe Absence of Art 德智體群
38smStacking Knowledge 摺.疊智識
25smPavilion of Rational Mind 邏輯之亭
23smLady Shaw Water Fountain 邵逸夫夫人樓噴水池
13smOverlap 叢疊
11smThe Four Orients 四個東
0.2smBEING [本]