002 Stacking Knowledge 摺.疊智識2000. Hong Kong Central Library 香港中央圖書館
competition, finalist 競賽入圍方案
Team Lee Shu-fan
[Stacking Knowledge]
Cultivation of a society starts with our children. Knowledge accumulates gradually through reading books and life experience. Only when the two converge would wisdom emerge as the powerful guiding torch for an enlightened life.
The zig-zag wall is conceived as an unfolding scroll of knowledge on plan while wisdom is piled up vertically. Children would learn of the classic literature of the past through the tactile experience of important literature present on the wall. The wealth of knowledge is built up symbolically while children grow and become tall enough to touch the texts on a level used to be out of reach.
The new main library, an institution on a crusade for inheriting and transferring knowledge, embodies a new dimension of symbolic power when the active learning process happens not only within the library, but also without.
設計 李樹勳





藉著擁有專業知識館員的推介,鼓勵孩子向牆上更高更深的智慧不斷探索攀越 隨著孩子的成長、身高的增加、向牆上更高的層次探索,智識漸次累積。

Cut-outs on each of the three sections allow light and wind to pass through, achieving transparency while reducing the risk of toppling. Book titles on the glass layers could be suggested by main librarians, enhancing the act of participation. The slight unalignment of the glass and marble layers is seen as the celebration of the mason’s crafts instead of imperfections.

when one grows taller more knowledge is gained with the reach to higher texts.