206 Mountain isn't Mountain 看山不是山

2015 | Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong 香港九龍灣
Team Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Ma Orchid, Chan Derek, Yao HughClient Swire Properties
設計 李樹勳, 盧健華, 馬愷欣, 陳寶霖, 姚宗禧客戶 太古地產
[Mountain isn’t Mountain]
The proposed artwork locations are all of the different environmental qualities:
WHITE CLOUD SWIPING - The entrance plaza signifies the entry to the premise, requiring an iconic presence;
ICE TRAPPING STONES - The plaza at the back deals with lots of potential activities in the plaza, a dynamic backdrop is appropriate;
HIDDEN GREEN - The planter areas on both sides of the site are fronting some car maintenance beauty shops, a type of screen is in demand
白雲掃- 入口的廣場位置為整個地方的預述,要展出具標誌性的作品
冰鎖石- 後方的廣場是可舉行種種活動的地方,故很適合有個生動活躍的背景
藏山青- 兩旁的種植區正對著汽車美容維修店,需要屏幕類的擺設作緩衝
WHITE CLOUD SWIPINGThe frontal piece at the main entrance to the building is a soaring mountain rising from the plain. Black mirror stainless steel plates in assorted sizes in the shapes of stones are distributed along its heights, denser at the top gradually becoming more sparsely distributed on the bottom to allow visual transparency. When looking from below, the reflective surfaces depict the passing clouds or mists in a fragmented manner, allowing nature to swipe across the surfaces.
ICE TRAPPING STONESThe piece at the east plaza is in the shape of an open arm bending towards the plaza in front as an arc. According to the types of activities happening in front of it, the water speed of the flowing water in this fountain can be adjusted to suit. The dynamic quality of this fountain forms a transparent surface at times, and a rapid moving surface at other times. White marble slabs are created inside to tilt slightly forward and backward to allow water to flow through in an interesting way.
HIDDEN GREEN A series of small hills dotting the planter areas serves as a visual screen to the neighboring streets to create a more enclosed natural landscape within the site. Small mirror stainless steel plates hung from the structures reflect the falling leaves seasonally, generate small sounds resonating with the leaves under wind, and provide glitters under strong sun.