116c Leo Community Hall 利奧社區會堂2006-2008. Heshan, China 中國鶴山
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ching Wai-keung, Hung Chi-tai, Ying MatthewClient Leo Paper GroupGFA 9,500sm
A rapidly developing printing company seeks to enter the third phase of its expansion plan (first phase-factories and warehouses, second phase-dormitories): providing architecture with which the 20,000 plus employees can fulfill both their leisure and spiritual needs.This Community Hall is the first of a series of four buildings which also include a Museum and Cultural Centre, a small boutique hotel, and a Research and Development building. The function of the Hall has manifolds: to provide a sports hall and a staff club, with which both recreational and social needs are fulfilled; to erect an observation tower with which to survey the company precinct in its entirety; and to provide a backdrop and a major performance stage for outdoor activities. This complexity prompts an architecture that is at the same time permeable (public) and solid (private), a mass that has many faces (for projection, observation, etc), and a landmark that defines the centre of the company’s social quarter.
設計 李樹勳, 程偉強, 熊子泰, 應明達客戶 利奧紙袋有限公司建築面積 九千五百平米


此社區會堂為一系列包括博物館, 文化中心, 及大宅酒店的生活建築中的第一座。它須提供數個看似類同但實質對建築要求迥異的功能:體育館及員工俱樂部,訪客觀景塔,室外表演舞台及投影牆,及一跨越規劃路的運動場看台。此一多元性為建築設計提供了一個機會:它同時是穿透及實質的- 提供了公共性及私密性;它的體塊及立面是無定義的– 屏幕、時鐘、計分牌、觀景台交替上演.。它的形態亦為雅圖仕的生活區提供了一個多角度的地標。