175 The Four Orients 四個東

2012-2013 | Queensway Government Offices. Admiralty, Hong Kong 香港金鐘政府合署
Team Lee Shu-fan, Wu JinnyClient Community Art Network/Art Promotion OfficeStructural Consultant Anthony C S WongContractor Castle Engineering LimitedPhotography Wu JinnyRadio Interview Youtube (4:36)Roadshow Video Interview Youtube (1:01)
The lobby of the Queensway Government Offices is a transient space. Never a destination. People pass through it to Pacific Place, Hong Kong Park, Lippo Centre, etc… The lobby is thus a ‘non-space’ in the strictest sense — disoriented, forgettable, banal, a transition to somewhere more interesting. Let’s give the space orientations, “unforgettableness”, and make it a destination – let’s give it a name - The Four Orients.
Queensway Government Offices is a typical modernist box with intentional disregard of context and orientations. Typical core with round about free plan arrangement. It speaks for the neglect of a typical urban life such as ours. The proposed artwork is a series of four pieces in the Chinese word ‘East’, also means ‘oriental’, to give orientations to people in the space, give it a sense of purpose, inject a sense of orientalism in a ‘western’ product, and most of all, makes it a destination to interact with art. Each of the four pieces is made differently, situated at its respective location away from the usable areas like the exhibition hall and seating areas. They serve as markers on the banal modernist space, encourage different interactions on the views and space and the artwork itself.
金鐘道政府大樓的大堂是一個用作短暫停留的地方,不是一個目的地。人們從這裡通往太古廣場、香港公園、力寶大廈等。嚴格來說,大堂是「非空間」——無定向的、被遺忘的、平淡的——只是通向更精彩地方的一個過渡。讓我們給這個地方一個定向,讓它成為一個難忘的目的地,給它一個名字 『四個東』。