178 Si-yuan Library 思源圖書館2012. Hainan, China 中國海南
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ying Matthew, So Eric Ying-waiClient Yan-ai FoundationGFA 1,100sm
While the Yan-ai Foundation is accelerating its production of schools at a rate of a couple dozens annually, the earlier schools were done without adequate facilities such as a dedicated library. Depending on the locations, some of the first schools possess open spaces for the addition of buildings while some other smaller ones are lack of land for further development.
What all the earlier schools have in common is that they all have multiple numbers of basketball courts, however small they are. The design of this library thus becomes a prototype to develop a floor plate at a size that could fit into a basketball court, when the option of locating it on a open plateau is unavailable. Since the space available on or not on a basketball court is unknown, in addition to limiting the floor plate to the size of a basketball court, the library is designed without orientation or front facade, with all sides approachable from every direction. The main bulk of the library is lifted up a storey to allow a 360-deg approach from all directions to its main entrance on the bottom side of the building. The ground floor is left open with a grid of columns to allow further additions of enclosures if and when the individual school sees fit. The form of the building assumes a cluster of individual pitched roof houses grouped together to allow views and sunlight to pass through from different orientations, further allowing the flexibility of siting.
設計 李樹勳, 應明達, 蘇英偉客戶 言愛基金建築面積 一千一百平米