152 Wanchai Visual Archive 灣仔視集2010-2011. Wanchai, Hong Kong 香港灣仔
Team Lee Shu-fan, Hung Chi-tai, Li Jason, Ying MatthewClient ACTS GroupContractor HogoAREA 520smEnvironmental Graphics TrilinguaPhotography Steve Kwok Photographywww.visualarchive.hk
設計 李樹勳, 熊子泰, 李祟山, 應明達客戶 使徒集團施工 Hogo實用面積 五百二十平米環境平面設計 叁語攝影 Steve Kwok Photographywww.visualarchive.hk

In stark contrast to rural living, dwelling in the heart of a city involves constant encounters of a city’s intricate layers. How does one convert a spent building, standing in the midst of some of the most interesting monuments in the historic Wanchai, into a modern comfort home for many while asserting itself a respectful member of the evolving neighborhood?

The remaking of the tenement building into The Archive not only promises a comfort home with modern amenities, but also attempts to transcend the mere physical into a space sprinkled with vibrant happenings that is the essence of urban living. Tenants and visitors alike, can contemplate the local history in the Wanchai Visual Archive while sipping a coffee, or discuss the local aesthetics re-interpreted into the building while admiring an artwork in the Gallery.

This co-existence of the old and the new once again reinforces the Hong Kong spirit of constant reinventions. The ubiquitous tenement building, once a collection of separate living quarters, has been given a new life as a collective hub of rigorous sharing of ideas, lifestyles, and culture.




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