237 Kreta Ayer Restaurant 牛車水餐廳

2017 | Dragon Centre, Hong Kong 香港西九龍中心
Team Lee Shu-fan, Yung Winsy, Ho Yorkun, Lo AlexClient Sincere Forward LimitedContractor OMA ProjectAREA 220smPhotography Bowie Chan
設計 李樹勳, 翁穎詩, 何謹約, 盧健華客戶 Sincere Forward Limited施工 奧瑪策劃實用面積 220平米攝影 Bowie Chan
[The Temporal Vibrancy]
Asian street/food markets are famously known for their vibrancy, intricate layout, and at times, their messiness. How do we upgrade an eatery with the Singaporean namesake to keep the interests of the first two qualities while transforming the third less preferable quality into something interesting?
A series of arches shifted on plan are placed within the premise to avoid the usual dullness of a minimalist layout to create journeys of discovery. The arches also collide perpendicularly, embedded with other elements, and turned at unexpected places. The result is a consistent visual language with a vibrant reading different in every location depends on where you sit. The horizontal elements resemble the hanging lights of the typical street markets are randomly punched with 'lightcuts' where dapples of lights are reflected from within the structure to create a sense of casualness like strolling on a street. Wall textures and tile patterns are deliberately made raw and rough for the effect of busy-ness in the asian context. While dining in street markets is a unique and temporal experience, the design of the Kreta Ayer restaurant attempts to do just that.
亞洲的街頭及食品市場因著其活潑、錯綜複雜的佈局,甚至是雜亂無章而聞名。我們該如何以新加坡的特點升格餐館,以保有以上提到的頭兩種品質,同時將第三種較為遜色的品質化為有趣的東西? 拱門意念是設計的重心,以避開沉悶的極簡主義佈局,並創出一個發現旅程。拱門直立相觸,亦有嵌入其他元素,並在意想不到的地方轉向。建成的效果是種視覺語言,因著客人身處的位置有著相迥的風景、相異的解讀。水平設計模仿了典型街頭市場的懸燈,隨意打出「切割燈光」,從結構中透出斑斑駁駁的光線,像是於街上漫步般的隨意。牆面紋理和瓷磚圖案故意地原始及粗糙,象徵亞洲環境中的忙碌感。在街頭市場用餐是種獨特而片刻的體驗,牛車水餐廳的設計正試圖營造這種感覺。
photo credit: Bill and Paige