211 Pavilion of Rational Mind 邏輯之亭2015. Milan, Italy 義大利米蘭
competition 競賽
Team Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Ma Orchid
[Pavilion of Rational Mind]
How does one conceive a physical construct for the Florim tile products –a material representing only fragments of its final product, namely architecture – in a finite form? We go back to the quintessential Italian quality – the rational mind.
As in da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man or Palladio’s La Rotonda, the substance isn’t the human body or the villa itself, but the logic behind the inner workings of our limbs and the ideal proportion and formula behind the villa. It’s reducing the material into immaterial, and in the process acquires immortality, transcending generations with their thoughts contained within. The Florim pavilion attempts to continue this Italian tradition utilizing the essence from the works of our masters into a new understanding of culture, space, and visions.
The plan of the Florim Pavilion takes the Palladian villa plan as base, turning into an intricate ‘Vitruvian’ 3-D construct appropriate to contain human movements within. The result is a multiplicity of geometry, function, and tradition. Within this enclosure scattered the Florim products on display.
The existing Florim sliding display panels are utilized to enhance efficiency and helps to integrate the existing venue beyond the confine of the paviion. The panels can be curated to sit on different locations within and without the pavilion, providing hierarchical arrangements and circulations to suit different needs during the month of the pavilion’s existence. At the end of the exhibition, the pavilion can be disassembled and compacted into minimal stacks of white metal members and disappeared without a trace, leaving the panels and the venue going business as usual.
The pavilion touches the space lightly, but profoundly in terms of thoughts, tradition, and experience. And unmistakably Made in Italy.
設計 李樹勳, 盧健華, 馬愷欣
不論是da Vinci的《維特魯威人》還是Palladio的《圓廳別墅》,意義的重心均非那實在的人體與建築,而是四肢運行的邏輯,及結構背後完美的比例跟公式。能將有形的作品化為不朽,超越時間,帶至千秋的,正是這種思想上的、精神上的、無形的意義。《Florim邏輯之亭》嘗試延續這個意大利優良品質,將大師們作品的本質以新的文化、空間及視點傳釋。
邏輯之亭只有輕放在展覽空間,卻深刻觸碰了意念、傳統和經歷。還有就是,明白無誤地 在意大利製造
view of the pavilion from Foro Buonaparte
view of the pavilion with continuous panel display
view from inside the pavilion to the street