003 Lady Shaw Water Fountain 邵逸夫夫人樓噴水池

2000 | The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學
Team Lee Shu-fan, Tsui EddieClient Estate Management Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

[Sound and Fury]

Surrounded on all four sides by multiple storeys of classrooms and walkways, the courtyard at the lady shaw building is absurdly public - overly quiet, lack of focal points and vegetations, visually enclosed - students and staffs alike feel the sense of surveillance and constantly have the sense of being monitored.

The potential of the space is being public in the truest sense - a space where you can chitchat without being heard, study comfortably in solitude, or just watch people pass by without the awkwardness of staring - we decided to create a water fountain that provides water sound as a shield for quiet activities, while itself not so much of a landmark or focal point to overpower the space. The fountain stands as a thin wall just enough to allow waterpipes to go up inside, releasing water triggering down the uneven surface to generate gentle and random sound of water. At certain angle the fountain is almost invisible, reducing to merely a line. For the users, this fountain is intended not to be remembered of how it looks, but to be reminded on your memory of a place for studying or hanging out with the music of water splashes.


在這個噴水池設計中, 我們有興趣的是水池如何帶給在這個院子裏溫習的同學一些背景聲音, 而水池本身的外貌卻是其次。因為這個原因, 水牆的厚度僅足夠給水管經過, 而牆面的不規則玻璃及其不同厚度就帶來更滾動的水流。在一些角度水牆在視覺上被簡化為一條線, 隱藏在周邊的空間中。

existing surrounding context