154 WAL*L 牆*片2010. Tamar Government Complex, Hong Kong 香港天馬艦政府總部
competition 競賽
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ying Matthew, Ching Wai-keung, Hung Chi-tai
Legislation is a highly charged process. As smoothly as everyone wants it to be, it’s usually a pebbled path dotted with collaborations and confrontations. It’s, however, a linear process starting from a relatively more open and transparent, though coarse, beginning to an increasingly more refined yet less visible ending.
The WAL*L exemplifies this with a concrete wall made of transitional roughness, changing gradually from a coarse aggregated texture to a fine finish at the end in the concrete mix. Similar to a Sieve test filtering different sizes of aggregates along the way, the legislative process is one that filters, refines, and arrives at a ‘polished‘ destination. This relatively more obscured destination, however, is deliberately set inside the groves of trees on the west side of the site, denoting the end sheltered within tree shadows with less visibility. The general public, however, is given accessibility and participation all the way to the end at the WAL*L.
The seemingly straight and restrained WAL*L splits into two wings at the end, enclosing an area made of mirror stainless steel, allowing everyone to self-reflect on the process. The WAL*L at this point redefines the form of the landscape we all stand on, as would legislation change our mental and urban landscapes.
The holes at the beginning of the WAL*L is an integration of the ideas to add transparency, encourage participations, and reduce wind loading. The Y-shaped wall also adds stability to the structure, at the same time echoing the combination of straight lines and curves that is the Legislation Council building. The use of concrete in the WAL*L is not only because of its durability and low maintenance, but more importantly signifying the general desire for the process to stand the test of time. This WAL*L acts as a backdrop to the flag-raising activities, constantly reminding us the ideals we all aspire to.
設計 李樹勳, 應明達, 程偉強, 熊子泰



「牆*片」的形象概念,是一幅混合不同粗幼的混凝土牆 - 由粗糙的表面開始,逐漸轉化為幼細平滑的混凝土牆。立法過程的表達,是由集合各方粗糙的意念開始經過不斷的篩選,過濾及改善,達至一個滿意及平衡的成果。「牆*片」的終點位置,安排及藏身於西邊的小叢林中,透過叢林中的樹影,投射於平滑的牆身上,使其出現朦朧的效果,勾起大眾的好奇心,吸引公眾進入此終點位置。