204 Transparent Ancestor Hall 透明祠堂

2015 | Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學
Team Lee Shu-fan, Chan Derek, Lo Alex, Ma OrchidClient Jockey Club Design Institute of Social InnovationContractor Castle Engineering LimitedPhotography Steve Kwok PhotographyFestival website www.10dayfest.hk

Out of the many functions of a traditional ancestral hall is to gather the community in one place for festivities from the immediate neighbourhoods. This particular function is temporal, location based, and happens at a specific time. When the community grew immensely larger beyond its spherical influence, this function lost its momentum. Now, we are bringing the transparent Ancestor Hall to you, right at the heart of the community during mid-autumn. Permeable yet has a sense of enclosure, the hall facilitates interactions happening both with-in and with-out simultaneously.