101a Jinghu National Wetland Park Visitor Centre 鏡湖國家濕地公園訪客中心2006. Shaoxing, China 中國紹興
Team Lee Shu-fan, Yip William, Ching Wai-keung, Yung StephanieUrban Design EDAWGFA 570sm
[Six Facades]
There are most importantly three major issues embodied as ideas in this first of a series of four projects:
1. as a single storey building, its ground plane and roof plane becomes two other major ‘lenses’ or filters, in addition to the four facades, to integrate and abstract the surrounding landscapes, the sky, and the wetland water, into the interior space,
2. instead of a head-on frontal building, the massing of the visitor centre assumes a humble role by giving way to major circulation path and a carved-in front facade forms a smooth integration of entering and exiting, ensuring the leisure stroll pattern in a park setting,
3. re-interpretation of local traditional Shaoxing architectural mass, scale, and proportion, and the use of skin materials that would age gracefully with time, result in an architectural reminder and a continuation of a city possessing a rich history.
設計 李樹勳, 葉俊文, 程偉強, 容子童都市設計 易道建築面積 五百平米



一) 跟多層建築不同, 單層的建築在室內環境來說,除四個方向的立面外,屋頂及地台都是直接對外的。因此設計上特別地考慮了把天空,濕地的水,,及周遭的自然環境通過這「六個立面」,或抽像或強調地帶進室內空間;

二) 建築主體刻意地讓開於遊人主動線而建立在旁,主立面做成凹弧形結合入口斜道,令建築物的使用動線跟公園遊人閒適的不規則動線更適當地結合;

三) 此訪客中心除了在形態,規模,及比例上意圖在更大的環境課題上結合當地的歷史及傳統,亦在外牆物料用上會隨時間儒雅地老化的自然材質,令做建築除了建立基本功能外亦一阱將歷史隨時間建立在紹興的土地上。