184 Fashion Farm Foundation FFF時裝農場

2013 | Laichikok, Hong Kong 香港荔枝角
Team Lee Shu-fan, Wu Jinny, Che Ann, Tse Elaine, Ho Daniel, Lam Eri, Yip Wilson, Yip Ka-manClient Fashion Farm FoundationContractor Castle Engineering LimitedAREA 914smPhotography Bowie ChanRadio Interview Youtube (5:30)Visit D2 Place Onewww.fashionfarmfoundation.org
設計 李樹勳, 胡靜怡, 朱燕玲, 謝綺玲, 何沛康, Lam Eri, 葉嘉杰, Yip Ka-man客戶 FFF時裝農場施工 城堡工程實用面積 914平米摄影 Bowie Chan電台訪問 Youtube (5:30)參觀 D2 Place Onewww.fashionfarmfoundation.org
Fashion Farm Foundation is a NGO formed in Oct 2012 and aims to unite individual fashion designers and fashion retailers. With their professionalism and expertise in the service of tenants' businesses and aspirations, FFF intends to foster and develop the fashion industry within and beyond the territory.
With the uniqueness of the immense floor plate typical of factory spaces, we attempt to exploit the horizontality to its fullest with the creation of a 30-meter long multi-functional space that allows seminars, workshops, pop-up shops, and catwalk shows for the community of young aspiring designers. Through the support of FFF, the existence of young designers is deliberately made transient in this space, ensuring the successions of generations after the first comers spin off on their own.
Fashion Farm Foundations (FFF)為本地一個非牟利機構,由香港時裝及文化創意業的企業家於2012年10月創辦。基金旨在聚集本地時裝設計師及零售商,促進他們與不同界別的合作,助本土設計推廣至國際舞台。