118 Dragon Garden 龍圃大宅

2006. Sham Tseng, Hong Kong 香港深井青龍頭
Team Chan Freeman Kaye, Lee Shu-fan, Ching Wai-keung, Hung Chi-tai, Ying Matthew, Lam CherryClient  Mr. and Mrs. Shiu Lee
After sixty years of private maintenance, the now Grade II listed heritage site was completely reworked and upgraded to become a public park for the general public. Disabled access and visitor facilities including a new hall and a research centre are provided. Landscaping and the upgrading of the historic buildings and pavilions on the site are also revitalized and adapted to new uses for visitors.
Dragon Garden is one of only a few buildings left from architect Chu Pin, who was an important architect in the development of Hong Kong's post war architecture.
設計 陳惠基, 李樹勳, 程偉強, 熊子泰, 應明達, Lam Cherry客戶 李韶伉儷



Dragon Garden in the 007 movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'