162a Si-yuan High School Stadium 思源高校體育場2011. Hainan, China 中國海南
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ching Wai-keung, Hung Chi-tai, Client Yan-ai Foundation (Siu Sunny, Ho Chris) GFA 2,925smPhotography Lee Shu-fan, Siu Sunny
A large covered space is required to accommodate the numerous activities for the high school that has 3000 students. It has to be built economically, use as little energies as possible, and be the most versatile in terms of use. A simple collection of geometric volumes that house function rooms and table tennis spaces are the structural supports for the large trussed covered area with skylights. Opened on all sides, the space is naturally ventilated, shaded away from the fierce sun, and allows graduation ceremony, large school events, and sports activities.
設計 李樹勳, 程偉強, 熊子泰客戶 言愛基金 (蕭博思, 何勁熙)建築面積 2,925平米攝影 李樹勳, 蕭博思

思源學校需要一個大而有蓋的空間給三千多名學生進行各種活動。建造上經濟及能源的考量,並且需具備不同功能,如用可作運動場、禮堂等。 體育場的蓋頂由大型的桁架支撐著整個結構,並帶有天窗,讓陽光可透進內部,節省掉日間照明的能源。而四面開放的設計亦可自然通風。場地可用作舉辦畢業典禮、學內活動及體育比賽等。