225 K-park Korean Restaurant 韓圈韓國餐廳

2016-2017 | Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong 香港天水圍
Team Lee Shu-fan, So Eric, Yung Winsy, Ho Yorkun, Lo Alex, Lam NoelContractor OMA ProjectClient Sincere Forward LimitedGraffiti Artist Pasha WaisGraphic Design Kitty ChanPhotography Bowie ChanPress Design IDK
設計 李樹勳, 蘇英偉, 翁穎詩, 何謹約, 盧健華, 林國倫施工 奧瑪策劃客戶 Sincere Forward Limited塗鴉 Pasha Wais平面設計 Kitty Chan攝影 Bowie Chan媒體報導 Design IDK
Just like many other Asian areas, there are quite a few skybridges in Korea; we used this as an element of the interior design for a Korean restaurant. There are dining tables set under the small skybridges which were put inside the restaurant. The cement walls and graffiti create a strong urban street vibe. Also, in order to reduce the stuffy feeling caused by the Korean BBQ air suction system, the restaurant adopts an open ceiling, which creates an airy atmosphere. Guests could enjoy a more comfortable environment with their family and friends. Joh-eun sig-yog!
就像其他亞洲地方一樣,韓國的不少地方都有天橋,我們以此作為餐廳設計的元素,在餐廳內部打造了一些小型的天橋,餐桌則設置在這些小型天橋的底下,加上天橋的水泥材質以及上面的彩色塗鴉,營造出濃厚的城市街頭感覺。同時,餐廳亦採用了開放式天花板,露出天花板的風喉,這樣既可以減輕韓燒的抽氣系統造成的壓迫感,又可以使整間餐廳的氣氛更為開放,客人可以在一個舒暢的環境之下享用美食。좋은 식욕!