136 AECOM Office 艾奕康環境規劃設計公司辦公室2008-2010. Guangzhou, China 中國廣州
Team Lee Shu-fan, Hung Chi-tai, Ching Wai-keung, Li Jason, Chan Tin-yan, Tsui Eddie (AECOM), Electra Stratigaki (AECOM) Client AECOM LTDAREA 1,140smLEED SilverPhotography PolestarAward American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong) Interior Architecture Merit Award 2011
[The Third Void]
AECOM Guangzhou office represents a manifestation of the company's operations in physical form. A huge conglomerate that provides multiple services including master-planning, water management, and infrastructural undertakings among others, AECOM operates on a highly efficient and systematic manner across its different offices and disciplines to ensure synergistic excellence. This design takes on this underlying principle of efficiency and manifests it through a highly efficient layout of the working area, stripping down to the essentials and allows almost one-third of the available space to be allocated to the all white 'public landscape' which includes the exhibition area, coffee corner, library and the likes. The end result is thus a bipolar layout which serves the required functions to its cores -- a highly efficient and dynamic working area and a flexible public area that encourages exchanges and allows multiple possibilities.
設計 李樹勳, 熊子泰, 程偉強, 李祟山, 陳天恩, 徐志劍 (艾奕康), Electra Stratigaki (艾奕康) 客戶 艾奕康實用面積 一千一百四十平米美國領先能源與環境設計認證 銀級摄影 Polestar獎項 二零一一年美國建築師學會香港年獎


AECOM廣州辦事處是一個表現出公司的運作模式的實體。 這龐大的企業集團提供多種服務,其中包括總體規劃、水源管理及基礎建設項目等等。AECOM不同地區的分公司都在經營上有著高效率和有系統地運作,以確保精益求精。此設計利用效率的基本準則,通過工作區中的高效率佈局體現出來,把其簡化至最根本,讓高達三分之一的可用空間轉成為純白的「公共景觀」,內含展覽區、咖啡角、圖書室等。一個兩極性的空間佈局能滿足到不同的核心需求——高效率和具動態的工作區和一個能夠鼓勵交流和容納多樣可能性的靈活公共空間。