065 OVERLAP 叢疊

2004-2009 (competition, first prize 競賽冠軍) (demolished February 2017) | Hong Kong Cultural Centre 香港文化中心
Team Lee Shu-fan, Mok Faye, Yiu Fung Leo, Poon Leshita, Ching Wai-keung, Li JasonClient Art Promotion Office/Hong Kong Cultural CentreStructural Consultant Yung Chan & AssociatesContractor Wing DikPhotography Steve KwokPress Release LCSD
Modern culture celebrates exceptional individuals. Sports stars, billionaires, political leaders, and the likes are those we look up to. As different as we are in our lives, our inner selves are nonetheless the same. We all ask for care from friends, and help from others when in need. In a culturally diverse society like Hong Kong, interpersonal relationships are particularly complex and delicate.
‘Overlap’ examines this issue with a group of columns in multiple heights, representing our commonalities and individuality simultaneously. The reflective surfaces of the sculpture allows fragments of our reflection to overlap with other people at random times, signifying the intersecting of our lives in a dense environment such as Hong Kong.
picture by Arroz Marisco