245 Capital Advance Limited 千鵬有限公司

2017-2018 | Central, Hong Kong 香港中環
Team Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Leung Lamlam, Mui AshleyCollaboration Office Urban:i LimitedContractor Castle EngineeringAREA 240smPhotograpy Polestar
設計 李樹勳, 盧健華, 梁慧霖, 梅麗儀合作設計 Office Urban:i Limited施工 城堡工程實用面積 240平米攝影 Polestar
[The Double Curtain]
Modern buildings are typified by what we called a curtain wall. It allows light and view to pass through to the depth of the office space, but it only works when the space is undivided but more often than not the spaces along the curtain walls are usually occupied by manager and conference rooms. How do we bring the similar quality to the open plan office if they equally deserve the enjoyment of the free elements?
We constructed what we called a double curtain. A set of metal screen wall meandering through the whole office in parallel to the existing curtain wall subdivides the space into the room zone and the open plan zone. This double curtain acts exactly like its counterpart to allow light and view and maintain its necessary function as a demarcation. It also incorporates the storage, pantry, signages, and doors. What is being filtered are the activities but not the free elements. For those who work in the open office, you got the illusion of a curtain side sensation.
[雙幕] 現代建築的定義多以幕牆為主調,該設計能讓光線和視野充分透進建築物內部。但這只在內部並未有被區分之下才能發揮功用,現實中能享受幕牆的空間一般只為經理室及會議室。有見及此,這次為客人設計時我們問了個問題:該如何分隔辦公室內各個功能區域,同時又可讓各空間都能沐有自然日光及透澈視野? 因此我們構建並定義了這個雙層幕牆設計。一組以金屬及玻璃組成的屏風牆蜿蜒穿過整個辦公室,與大廈原來的幕牆平行,將辦公室細分為房間區與開放區。雙層幕牆讓自然光線及清透視野不再只被一小部分空間佔據,同時又保有分隔區域的功能。整道屏風牆囊括了存儲室、茶水間、指示牌和門,辦公室內的行動有因而被過濾,但無阻各人享有自由元素。對於那些在開放區辦公的員工來說,會感覺到幕牆就是在身邊而已。