222 Big Cake Stuff 大餅嘢

2016-2017 (temporary installation from July 2017 - June 2020) | Central Pier #9, Hong Kong 香港中環九號碼頭City Dress-up: Seats.together 城市藝裳計劃:樂坐其中
Team final Central Pier version: Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Wong Pak-ka Statue Square version: So Eric The Peak version: Wong Pak-ka, Lam Jasmine, Lam TimothyCuratorial Team Tam Billy, Lai Lawson, Chan Sze-wing (Thomas Chow Architects)Contractor Castle Engineering Limited, Chuen Kee Sign Company LimitedClient Art Promotion OfficePress South China Morning PostU Magazineon.cc 東網/東方日報The Bastille PostHong Kong Maritime MuseumBilly Tam & Artist Teams @ Seats.Together“城市藝裳計劃:樂坐其中”在香港開幕
Award DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018 – Grand Award with Special Mention: "City Dress Up: Seats.Together"
[ Big Cake Stuff ]
The steps stretching the whole length of the Central Piers represent a line between the land and the water. For those who are leaving the piers this line is a threshold not supposed to be occupied and yet it becomes an informal space for those who are waiting for the next ferry to come. This interplay between a non-space and a space is an interesting phenomenon. We decided to zoom into this line infinitely and occupy its vacuum, in the form of a stepped circle, at the end of this line close to Pier 9, formally assigning it a space for the general public to sit and enjoy.
[ 大餅嘢 ]
沿着整個中環碼頭連綿不斷的階梯有一個有趣現象。對於從碼頭下船的人來說這些階梯只是一條「線」,或一個待通過到達下一個目的地的門檻。相對於等船的人來說,它卻是一個「空間」- 等待下一班船到達前的一個暫借休息區。同一組階梯, 不同的意義。我們選擇把這排有雙重意義的「缐空間」延伸到九號碼頭對開,擴展成一個持續以階梯為主形態的圓形城市家具,正式賦予這條線狀階梯一個新的空間意義,讓公眾能樂坐其中。