273 Plastic Nature 海的控塑2019 (exhibition November 2-3, 9-10, 2019). Shalowan, Hong Kong 香港沙螺灣
Team Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Francisco Hazel, Gu Perry PeiranClient AFTECContractor Open Hand ProjectCollaboration Community Art NetworkPress thestandnews thestandnews (criticism) Timelapse, making of 'Plastic Nature' Interview (starts at 14.00)
[Plastic Nature]
As one of the most untapped natural habitats of Hong Kong, Shalowan is also a stone throw away from the Hong Kong International Airport, the quintessential representation of urbanity at its core. This contrast between nature and the manmade represents the typical clash of this dichotomy, facilitating the inevitable flow from nature to urbanity through a slow process. In the heart of this is the plasticization of our nature, of which our oceans among other things are discarded with plastic wastes in an ever-alarming rate every minute. Plastic wastes in our waters are almost ‘mental’, we don’t see them as much as we could sense them. They disintegrate into microplastics in a dimension almost invisible to the naked eyes, affecting the growth of newborn fish and in turn the whole ecological cycle. Our proposed installation attempts to bring this process 100 or even 1000 times the size in front of our very eyes. A small creek in Shalowan with a great vantage point is selected, above which a big piece of plastic is placed to show the disintegration along the flow of the stream. The perfectly shaped beginning, as in all our plastic products, is seen gradually turning into microplastics while it travels downstream and deposited into our mother nature all over the place. Upon which Plastic and Nature are inseparable and left us ponder.
設計 李樹勳, 盧健華, Francisco Hazel, 顧沛然客戶 誇啦啦藝術集匯施工 開手建設合作設計 社群藝術網絡媒體報導 立場新聞 立場新聞 (批评) [海的控塑]制作縮時影片 訪問 (14.00 開始)
沙螺灣作為香港其中一個最完好無缺的自然地帶,與都市化標誌 – 香港國際機場不過一水之隔。那裏展現出自然和人工的激烈碰撞,讓大自然慢慢轉變成都市的過程顯得無可避免。而塑膠入侵自然便是如此”洪流“的關鍵所在。我們的海洋充斥塑膠垃圾,每分鐘都以前所未有的速度迅速增多。水裏的塑膠廢物大多是”意識般的存在“,與其說我們看得見它們,倒不如說能感受到它們就在那裏。海洋裏的塑膠廢物分裂成微塑膠,小得幾乎在視線中消失,卻會影響新生魚類的發育,甚至顛倒整個生態循環。