045 Tsimshatsui District Kaifong Welfare Association 尖沙咀街坊福利會

2003-2007 (APIDA 2007 Public Space Bronze Medal 亞太區室內設計大獎公共空間銅獎) | Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong 香港尖沙咀
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ching Wai-keungCollaboration Design SystemsContractors City Decoration, Wing Dik
設計 李樹勳, 程偉強 合作設計 設計集人施工 城市裝飾, 永廸玻璃
The Kaifong Association is determined to re-define itself as a spot for youth and make apparent its service committed to the neighbourhood community. The exterior of the building is given a new life with a pattern that seemingly changes while passers-by watch while walking. With its main entrance tucked behind a steep walkway 50 metres away from the busy Nathan road, the Kaifong Welfare Association wanted to improve the entry landscape to better accommodate visitors. The result is a reworked slope better suits the elderly, improved lighting level and handrails to reduce danger, and a series of colourful street lamps to dot the walkway and marks the entry.
Within the premise the multi-functional hall requires an upgrade on its already obsolete facilities. Serving purposes ranging from holding banquets, bookfairs, and conferences, to badminton games and drama performances, the design considers different artificial/daylighting requirements and seating arrangements to allow maximum flexibility and appropriateness of atmosphere within a relatively straight forward space.
街坊福利會欲重新定義自己作為服務青年及社區的地方。建築物的外牆以圖案翻新,圖案像會隨途人的步伐而改變。主入口在距離繁忙的彌敦道約五十米的行人斜道後面,故福利會希望能改善入口景觀,以給訪客較好的接待。而重新設計的斜道亦更適合老年人的需要,改善了照明和扶手以減少危險,並設有一系列彩色路燈點綴行人道及突出入口位置。 在服務青年及社區的前提之下,多功能禮堂需要升格過時的設備。禮堂的用途廣泛,由舉辦宴會、書展、會議,到羽毛球比賽及戲劇表演不等,所以設計上有考慮到各種室內燈和自然光的照明要求及座位安排,以給這地方提供最高的靈活性和適合的氛圍。