079 Fighting SARS Memorial 抗非典肺炎紀念公園

2004 (competition, second prize 競賽第二名) | Hong Kong Park 香港公園
Team Chan Freeman Kaye, Lee Shu-fan, Or Angus, Yiu Fung Leo
設計 陳惠基, 李樹勳, 柯明裕, 姚峰
Before there was SARS …There was a Garden with a majestic Tree at its centre.It provided Shelter and Sustained Man and all the inhabitants of the Garden.The Tree stood Strong and was Excellent in every wayThe Tree’s name was Courageous.Though Man lived in the Garden, he said, Let us build a City.Man did so, but he did not recognize The Tree and built a wall which made it apart from the City.Then SARS came and the City was full of Fear.The Citizens took up the fight against SARS, and Some gave up their very Lives.Spared, the City was deeply Grateful for the sacrifice of its Heroes.Suddenly, it was as if it had been Blind but could now See.The City saw the Tree called Courageous.After SARS the City said,Let us remake our City, let us break down that which divides us.Let us Embrace The Tree whose name is Courageous.For the Citizens of the City now saw that its Heroes were like The Tree …Before there was Fear in the City, Heroes were Present …True … Noble … Awaiting the Moment … of their Call to Serve …Courageously.
(Chan Freeman Kaye)
diagram showing the interventions around the existing tree
the axis from the Rill of the Purposed Moment through The Circle to The Tree of Courage
Gallery of Heroes - in facing our Heroes we face Ourselves. we are all called.....
perspective view to the Gallery of Heroes with the Tree of Courage framed at the end
The Veil of Tears - All who Suffered and Those who Perished. names of SARS victims etched on glass