088 WINDpromptu 風場作慶

2005 (competition, finalist 競賽入圍方案) | Hong Kong Science Museum 香港科學館
Team Lee Shu-fan, Mok Faye, Chan Mony, Or Angus
設計 李樹勳, 莫玉筠, 陳敏靈, 柯明裕
As intangible as it may seem with its odourless, colourless, and formless qualities, WIND is intensely perceptible through its ability to give form to others, to heighten our physical sensibility, and to make itself audible when collides with matters. The challenge to create a piece of work that not only possesses a sculptural quality that is pleasing to eye, but also uses WIND as the agent to give itself meanings, we believe, is the crux of the success of this sculpture.
Our proposed sculpture attempts to deal with the 3 major qualities mentioned above; namely to ‘give form’, to ‘encourage interactions’, and to ‘make audible’. WINDpromptu (風場作慶) exploits the randomness of wind’s strengths and directions to allow itself to infinitely changing its forms. It also takes wind as the generating force for a random composition of sounds that creates a genuine ‘improvised wind symphony’. The symphony generated is further enhanced by the participation of its visitors, resulting in ourselves a heightened sense of our environment.
儘管是無形無色無味,風還是能強烈地讓人感知到她的存在。它能賦予事物形態,亦能提高人們對觸感的靈敏度,還會透過碰摸他物讓自己被聽見。故單是一件賞心悅目的雕塑並不足以表達這風的詩意。除了外觀,要如何以「風」作其自身的代言人來賦予作品意義才是個挑戰。 我們的創作欲呈現以上提到的三個品質,即是「賦予形式」、「刺激互動」及「發現共鳴」。《風場作慶》利用風的力量及隨機性,能無盡地改變形態。而當風撫過雕塑,便會與之產生共鳴,創出即興的「風中交響曲」。觀賞者的參與度亦能進一步增強交響樂的形成,使人們對整個環境有更深層的認知。