126 Modern China Restaurant 金滿庭京川滬菜館

2008 | Times Square, Hong Kong 香港時代廣場
Team Lee Shu-fan, Hung Chi-tai, Ching Wai-keung, Or AngusClient Modern China RestaurantContractor Castle Engineering
設計 李樹勳, 熊子泰, 程偉強, 柯明裕客戶 金滿庭京川滬菜館施工 城堡工程
A facelift was requested to bring this 5000sf Chinese restaurant, specializes in Shanghai, Beijing, and Sichuan’s cuisines, to a new life. The ‘Shrimp net’ from the original deco, which was handcrafted by local skilled labours who actually made shrimp nets for living, was kept as a central piece while its weaving pattern was transformed into various surface treatments throughout the restaurant including punch-outs, inlaids, and reliefs in different scales and materials. The sculptural centerpiece was kept as a memory piece for the loyal customers, while the different seating areas provided variations of details consistent with the whole.