129 Basin and Range 盤地與山脈

2008 (competition 競賽) | Walsall, England 英國沃爾薩爾市
Team Lee Shu-fan, Ching Wai-keung, Hung Chi-tai
設計 李樹勳, 程偉強, 熊子泰
[Basin and Range]*
With the great public realm already created in the Waterfront development in Phase One, the Lex Walsall seeks to further enhance, and complement, on the great public corridor extending all the way from downtown Park Street to the Pleck Road canal waterfront.
Some 350 metres from the New Art Gallery, the Lex Walsall site acts as an excellent area for a momentarily hang-out location after a roughly 5-minute walk from the downtown area. The canal edges bordering the site further suggest the Lex site’s potential for gatherings and a culmination of different activities. This proposal capitalizes on this unique quality by creating a public ‘Basin’ that allows improvised performances, people watching, casual interactions, and the likes.
The typical horizontal movement in public spaces turns into a vertical moving manner in this proposal, allowing people to follow gentle steps into the ‘Basin’, which is opened on all sides and affords a better view of the canals from a higher elevation. The Basin allows all sorts of public activities to happen while the sloped landscape, resembling mountain ranges, presents a gentle curving surface for spectators.This public space is also located centrally with respects to the offices and luxury apartments above, encouraging interactions and exchanges between people from Walsall and visitors from other parts of the world.
The building volume rises as another mountain range with floor plates gradually receding from three sides as it goes up, carefully calibrated to enjoy the canal views.
*title borrowed from John McPhee
水岸區域第一期發展已成就了個豐宏的公共空間,故Lex Walsall欲進一步完善從市中心公園街到普萊克路運河水岸區的公共走廊。 Lex Walsall酒店位於方便舒適的運河區,距離沃爾索新藝術畫廊約三百五十米,到達市中心亦僅需五分鐘步行路程。地區的人潮及活動均展示了酒店地理位置的發展潛力。這個議案欲透過創建一個公共「盆地」,為即興表演所用,讓遊人惬意地觀賞演出及作出互動。 在這議案中,遊人於公共空間並不單是典型地以水平形式移動,更會用到垂直的方式。人們可輕盈地步進「盆地」,從景觀開放高處觀賞運河。「盆地」能容納各式的公共活動,而山脈般的傾斜景觀亦為公眾提供了柔和的曲面。這個公共空間位於地區中央,與上方的辦公室及豪華公寓對應,鼓勵著沃爾索居民及來自世界各地的遊客互動交流。 另一方面,主建築物的體形會隨著另一邊的山脈的形態而上升及增強,地板則會漸從三面退去,整個設計會精心校對地形令運河景色能被好好欣賞。