172 Peru London Pavilion 秘魯倫敦展館

2012 (competition 競賽) | London, United Kingdom 英國倫敦
Team Lee Shu-fan, So Eric Ying-wai, Tse Rayson
設計 李樹勳, 蘇英偉, 謝松熹
The richness and the diversities of the Peruvian landscapes are the entry points for most people trying to get to know Peru. As enticing as the Machu Picchu is on most people's mental maps, Peru has a lot more to offer and the successful campaign hinges on how well the multi-faceted Peruvian landscapes and cultures are appreciated in its entirety.
This Peru London Pavilion reveals itself on the outset the most distinct 3-tier regional landscapes of Peru, namely the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon, to the potential visitors, leaving an initial, but lasting impression in their first encounters. People would first interact with the PromPeru counters, info bar, and co-exhibitors desks on the perimeters of the site. They will be greeted with the vertical displays along with leaflets, lightboxes, and LCD screens featuring the attractions of Peru. Passing through the iconic 'Andes' modular displays, visitors will be able to explore more at the heart of Peru with exhibitions, shows, Mucho Gusto, and seminars. The ritual through this 'miniaturized' Peruvian landscapes is a teaser to engage potential visitors to explore Peru on location when they plan their next trips.
The design of the Pavilion are several important ideas at work: adaptability, effectiveness, and on a more intangible level- establishing iconic presence. The whole pavilion is essentially done away with two types of modules, the Andes and the Rocky. They are both highly customizable on their displays and maintain a minimum dimension to suit virtually every site when this pavilion travels. For different markets and different sizes of sites, the modules can be combined in a different way or added to and subtracted from the whole composition to appropriate. The formula would be different on different markets and thus the configuration of these flexible modules. Because of the simplicity of the number of different modules, transportation, packing, training of staffs, pre-exhibition preparations and planning, are all reduced to minimum and could be effectively organized in a systematic way to save cost. These modules are also designed to deliver an iconic presence to the visitors, standing as a continual landscape of mountain ranges, with the faceted 'Rocky' modules as focal points. The Rocky module is in fact one design that could be rotated to stand on different facet to serve different functional purposes, illustrating the versatility, richness, and delights of the Peruvian cultures.
這個秘魯倫敦展廳先向參觀者展示秘魯最獨特的景觀:海岸,安第斯山脈及亞馬遜河,讓人們留下初步但持久的印象。參觀者會先與周邊的PromPeru櫃位、信息欄跟聯合參展商的展位進行互動,亦會在垂直的顯示屏、傳單、燈箱和液晶屏幕欣賞到秘魯的醉人景點。透過標誌性的安第斯模組展板,參觀者將能像置身於秘魯的中心般去探索展會、欣賞表演、品嚐Mucho Gusto提供的美食和參與研討會。這小縮影能作為一個預告,勾起參觀者在計劃旅行時會有欲探索秘魯的想法。
view of exhibition space
view of Mucho Gusto
the Rocky Module in meeting/VIP mode
The Rocky ModuleThis module is designed to stand and function in 3 different ways by rotating with a different base facing the ground. The openings, heights, and dimensions are coordinated in such a way that the same feature functions differently in the 3 transformations - namely the Mucho Gusto, the Dressing room, and the Meeting/VIP room. It acquires a consistent image throughout and allows simplication of design and management.
洛磯模組此模組的設計令其可配以三種底座,故能有三種不同的擺位以發揮不同的功能。開放面、高度和尺寸的調整可變出不同用途──即Mucho Gusto店面、更衣室及會議或貴賓室。它貫徹一致的形象,亦簡化了設計與管理的需要。
The Andes ModuleThis module is designed to be flexible in arrangements and functions to accommodate different site conditions while traveling. It's composed of kit-of-parts elements that can turn into different functions according to the shape of sites and appropriateness of information in exhibiting in different cities. The simple design also allows rapid assembling and dis-assembling and transportation.
location plan
view of main event space
layout plan