198b Taska 鐵路托兒所

2014 | Klang Valley, Malaysia 馬來西亞巴生谷
Team Wu JinnyProfessional Consultant Vision Skill Consulting LimitedClient MMC GAMUDA KVMRT
設計 胡靜怡專業顧問 宏信達顧問有限公司客戶 MMC GAMUDA KVMRT
[TASKA The world from the point of view of a child.]
Children tend to simply living at the moment. With their understanding of the surrounding environment, it was once said that nature is children’s best friend. As a child care centre of the Klang Valley Mass Railway Transit, each space in the Taska should reflect an interactive and energetic learning experience for pre-school children. Therefore, furniture in organic shapes or bright hues inspired by nature are used, preserving different forms of expression of Malaysian culture and nature scenes.
A spectrum of green tones in different materials - fabric, plastic laminates, paint, and wood veneers are proposed to generate the core palette and the underpinning commonalities in Taska. Occasional more delightful colours are proposed in the communal spaces like lobby and dining hall. Furniture in organic shapes and bright hues inspired by nature would deliver the richness and aesthetics of Malaysian cultural and natural background.
Lobby and Waiting AreaThe use of modular acoustic panels on walls and giant letters, ‘TASKA’ and ‘skyscraper’ display stand made of pegboard giving an interesting interpretation of the image of Kuala Lumper’s skyline.
Dining HallThe use of different bright coloured dining chairs gives the dining hall an energetic atmosphere. Together with indigenous planters surrounding the round wooden dining tables, the hall imitates the beauty of different flowers blooming in a city botanical garden.
TV/Media RoomBeanbags can be easily moved around to allow different gestures during screenings. Double layer of curtains are functional acoustic sound absorber and overall giving a relaxing atmosphere at the same time.
Central Playground and AssemblyA collection of wooden playground facilities are crafted in shapes of different animals placed on the sand pit. The wooden panels built along the east side of the playground create a natural boundary separating the playground from the bedroom corridor. Indigenous plants growing on the landscape give the space a sense of wilderness for children to play.
BedroomsThe combination of tree branches and house-shaped wooden coat racks, neon cloudlights, star curtains, and beds in different tones of green create a peaceful atmosphere and a warm nest for children to sleep.
Reading RoomsAs a space for children to read, reading room acts as a treasure of knowledge awaiting to be explored by the children themselves. Informal bookcases and mobile book trolleys enhance children motivation in looking and digging in more knowledge. Story-telling area could enhance relationship betweenteachers and children, also encourage children’s interaction and imagination in a small group.
OfficeThe office acts as a welcoming treehouse in Taska. Work tables in wood provide seating for four staffs. The workspace is decorated with children’s artworks, tree branch-liked coat racks and office chairs in bright hue colors, bringing out a delightful and welcoming atmosphere in the office.
ClassroomsUsing display board made of pegboard instead of standard notice board, the classrooms economically and adaptively present its functional uses around Taska. The interplay between different tones of green chairs and chalkboard painted green on one side of the wall gives the space a natural ambience. The modular tables could be easily arranged to form different group sizes, allowing flexibility within the space.
Day CareModular low cabinets frame the day care into two spaces, with flexible use of modular tables to form different groups of children. The modular sofa seatings and toy trolleys in a spectrum of green tones encourage children to play and interact with each other easily.
Locker RoomsThe green lockers in different heights and sizes allow children of different ages friendly accessibility. Chalkboard paint on locker doors encourage children to draw on their own lockers. Coat racks in tree branch shapes and wood benches bring out a sense of consciousness to the natural environment in the space.
Computer RoomTables and sofas in irregular shapes can bring out a dynamic learning experience. The furniture can be easily moved around to create a dynamic and interactive learning platform within the space.