208 Winter Station

2015 (competition 競賽) | Toronto, Canada 加拿大多倫多
Team Lee Shu-fan, Lo Alex, Chan Derek, Ma Orchid
設計 李樹勳, 盧健華, 陳寶霖, 馬愷欣
Exposing oneself to the intense and fierce conditions of nature is one of the most powerful things we can experience. However, we tend to distance ourselves from extreme weathers for obvious reasons. We find ourselves in thick garments or enclosed spaces in extreme cold while contemplating the breathtaking beauty of nature. What if there is a mediator between ourselves and nature and facilitates our understanding of both? 'Snow-Leaves' attempts to do just that.
‘Snow-Leaves’ allows the public to contemplate the unpredictable winters of Toronto. A wall with laser-cut maple leaves patterns allows sunrays to pass through and provides shading for activities. During snowy days, the cutouts covered with accumulated snow facilitates the curiosity to uncover the leaves with the swiping of your own hands. Snow blocking the openings also signifies the snowy environment with less penetrating sunlight. 'Snow-Leaves' allows multiple readings in changing weathers: when snow freezes, thaws, and leaves.