243 D_Core Massage Chair D_Core按摩椅

Team Lee Shu-fan, Wong Pak-ka, Francisco Hazel, Leung LamlamCollaboration Stratos DesignClient NIN
設計 李樹勳, 黃栢嘉, Francisco Hazel, 梁慧霖合作設計 時尚產品設計客戶 NIN
This design aims to merge the traditional Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi (侘寂) with the modern industrial standard. Wabi-Sabi represents the beauty of roughness, imperfection, modesty, and the touches from nature; while the modern industrial standard, on the other hand, seeks for perfection, efficiency or sometimes symmetry. By combining the two diverse concepts together, this chair contains both humanized design and the modern technological features. Personalized changes would also be naturally added to the chair while being used.
此設計旨在將傳統日本美學侘寂 (わびさび) 與現代工業標準融為一體。 侘寂代表了粗糙、不完美、謙遜和自然的觸覺。而現代工業標準則尋求完美、效率甚至完美對稱。通過結合兩種不同的概念,這把椅子既有人性化設計,亦具現代技術特徵。