Continue to discover architectural gems in our city. Coming to RTHK for a radio interview, and confronted with this beautifully made architecture delighted me beyond words. The perfect proportions of the several different volumes, the carefully articulated fenestrations with metal barriers done in diamond shapes, the rugged elevations naturally turning into functional brise-soleil, and the entrance bridge created by depressing planes on both sides to allow the tree to adapt to the sectional spaces, all of these beautiful gestures make this one of the best piece of architecture made in the city in my opinion. 1969 was a good year in architecture.
Broadcast Drive. 2019.01.14
The 200-meter long building is taking shape in the Philippines.
Kalikid. 2018.12.20
The perfect cut from a plastic bucket made the JBL speaker works as an outdoor equipment just as well as a IP65 rating. The carefully made draft marks are still visible with the double curved corners made on the bent surface is nothing less than a superbly handmade artefact. As we like to say, the masters exist within the general public.
Tai Tam Tuk. 2018.12.09
Looking out from this 160-million view of a triplex apartment makes me wonder. The size of this property itself isn't all that big with this pricetag, but comparing with the currently most popular studio flats with the mere 128sf footprint the comparison shows the extremities of our living condition in this city of money. Everyone breathes the same air, dries in the same sun, and covered under the same sky. The premium to satisfy your senses is obviously exponential in terms of affordability. If we cannot make your flat bigger because of the physical limitations, focusing on tackling the senses may surprise the average person with the values it adds.
Homantin. 2018.10.30
How small can you go in terms of living space in Hong Kong is an imminent issue and we are all numb almost. Our attempt was not to squeeze the most functionality in a finite space, nor were we trying to invent a bogus feel-good factor to live in a tiny flat. As our good friend Philip Fung puts it, is to ‘survive with dignity’. For those otherwise would be likely homeless, the mini furniture/architecture is to induce a sense of order, an organized life, and a deserving degree of privacy in a communal setting for this particular group of people. Our journey has just begun and we are excited to see its subsequent evolution. #232 Yau Ma Tei. 2018.09.27
Back to the same site over a decade later and a thousand kilometers away. How things gravitate transcends time and distance without you even knowing.
#257 Tagaytay. 2018.09.10
So many gems hidden in the city the regular folks won't even notice despite living in here for decades. To turn something like this into a public venue accessible to the public is a crusade for the city to be more transparent to its past, the good old times both in terms of architecture and public sentiment.
Cox's Road. 2018.08.22
The third time coming back to Shamshuipo to do works in the past two years. First time though for the merging of our continual effort on social housing works with this neighbourhood. The vacated flat void of any life still filled with sceneries of the quintessential Hong Kong life with some imaginations. How our city projects itself to foreigners and our own people has none of the layers and meaning embedded in the lives of the majority of the general public. Looking forward is inevitable and also practical, but what we can always try is to not to always start with a blank slate but allows things to sink in through time.
Shamshuipo. 2018.08.09
Thank you Eric Tong and Edmond Wong's new set of cat furniture prototypes for the enjoyment of my five felines.Studio Zhai. 2018.08.03